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by beyondlife
Each of the Beyond Life  Planner is part of our team for a reason – they reflect the organizational mindset and live the values.

Each team member is fully committed to evaluate everything only from your perspective to ensure you get unbiased and objective advice.  We are very proud that each member of our organization deeply believes and lives our core values. This makes for an organization that is deeply steeped in certain core values but even as represented by each individual.

Our Planners

Kiran RaulSenior Financial Planner | kiran@beyondlife.in

Arun SanapSenior Financial Planner | arun@beyondlife.in

Ameet ParadkarSenior Financial Planner | ameet@beyondlife.in

Jagdish VaswaniSenior Financial Planner | jagdish@beyondlife.in

Urvi Seth Jain, Associate Planner | urvi@beyondlife.in

Hirenn VorraAssociate Planner | hiren@beyondlife.in

Kajal ShahAssociate Planner | kajal@beyondlife.in

Dharmendra RaipuriaAssociate Planner | dharmendra@beyondlife.in

Nitin Jain | Associate Planner | Mail: nitin@beyondlife.in

Our Support Team Leaders

Paresh Kushte | pareshk@beyondlife.in

Shailendra Rawat | shailendra@beyondlife.in